Creand Assistance Plus

Insurance exclusively for foreigners with passive residency in Andorra to cover up to 100% of the real expenses in Andorra.

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Medical directory

The policy includes access to a medical directory with coverage throughout Spain and over 45,000 professionals and 13,000 medical centres, including centres such as Teknon, Quiron, Dexeus and others.

Health Card – Medical Directory:

Coverage limits:

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Exclusion periods

  • In the event of an accident or life-threatening illness covered by the policy, there is no waiting period.

  • For surgical operations and/or hospitalisation, there is a 3-month waiting period.

  • For pre-natal and childbirth care, as well as newborn care, there is a 10-month waiting period.

  • For special treatments and diagnostic tests: 6 months.
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    Exclusion periods

    3 months for hospitalisation or surgery.


    6 months for special diagnostic tests and treatment.


    10 months for attention to pregnancy, childbirth and the care of new-born babies.


    There is no exclusion period in the event of accidents or life-threatening emergencies covered by the policy.

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