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Welcome to the CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A website. Access to and use of this website are subject to the following legal terms and conditions (hereinafter, the “General Terms and Conditions” or “Terms of Use”). By accessing and using our website, you agree to comply with and be bound by these General Terms and Conditions. Please read the following information carefully:



The Internet domain is owned by CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A.

Tax Registration Number (NRT): A-714091-U
Address: Avinguda Fiter i Rossell, 22, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany
Telephone: +376 889119
E-mail address:

Registration details: registered in the Principality of Andorra Company Register under number / created by virtue of Law 12/2017 of 22 June on the regulation and supervision of insurance and reinsurance in the Principality of Andorra.


These General Terms and Conditions govern access to, browsing and use of the website (hereinafter, the “Website”) and the responsibilities arising from the use of all of its content. Additionally, CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A may establish specific terms and conditions governing access to and/or the contracting of specific services offered to users of the Website. These specific services shall be subject to their own specific terms and conditions, which can be accessed via the URL for the service in question.


For these purposes, “users” shall mean those who access, browse and/or use the Website.

Accessing, browsing and/or using the Website implies that the user accepts, fully and without reservation, and considers fully valid all of the General Terms and Conditions as set out in the latest version of this document.

The user must therefore be aware of the importance of reading the General Terms and Conditions every time they visit the Website.
Access to and/or use of certain services offered to users of the Website may be subject to certain conditions, which, depending on the case in question, may replace, modify and/or complete these Terms of Use. Consequently, before accessing and/or using these services and content, the user must read and accept the conditions.

In order to be able to access our services, you declare that you are of legal age and have the legal capacity to act, in accordance with the applicable legislation in your place of residence.


The purpose of the Website content is to provide information on our products and services, manage the purchase of products and the contracting of services of all kinds at our branches, and, in general, provide customers with all of the information they may need regarding CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A.


The user undertakes to use the Website and its content and services in accordance with the applicable legislation and this Legal Notice.

Likewise, the user undertakes to refrain from using the Website or the services provided thereon for purposes that are unlawful or give rise to unlawful effects, contravene this Legal Notice, harm the interests or rights of third parties, or may in any other way harm, disable or damage the Website or its services or prevent other users from using it as intended.

Furthermore, the user expressly undertakes not to destroy, modify, disable or otherwise damage the data, electronic software and documents and any other materials that may be found on the Website.

The user also undertakes not to block other users from accessing the Website via the mass consumption of the computer resources used by the Website’s owner to provide the service, and not to take any actions that may damage, interrupt or generate errors in these systems.

The user undertakes not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logic device or sequence of characters that may alter or potentially alter the Website owner’s computer systems or those of third parties in any way.
Access to the Website is unrestricted and free of charge for the user.

Consequently, the user is responsible for safeguarding and ensuring the confidentiality of any identifiers and/or passwords that the Website may provide them with, and undertakes not to allow third parties to use or access them, whether on a permanent or temporary basis.
The user shall be responsible for any unlawful use of the services by any unauthorised third party who is able to obtain a password as a result of the user’s carelessness, or in the event that the user loses their password.

By virtue of the foregoing, the user is responsible for immediately notifying the Website’s managers of any occurrence that may enable improper use of identifiers and/or passwords (such as the theft, loss or unauthorised access of same), so that they can be cancelled immediately.
Until CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A is notified of such an occurrence, it shall be exempt from any liability that may arise from the improper use of identifiers and/or passwords by unauthorised third parties.

Users of the Website must follow any instructions that may be issued to them via the e-mail address or by the company’s duly authorised staff.


All the information, works and services contained on the Website, including its graphic design, its code (whether in the HTML, Java, JavaScript or ActiveX language) and the elements that comprise its content (including, but not limited to, images, sound, audio, video, software, text, branding, logos, colour combinations, structure, design, the choice of materials used, the computer programs that are necessary for the operation, their access and use, etc.) are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. These rights belong exclusively to CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A or its licensors. All rights reserved.

Users who access the Website may view the information contained thereon and download or make private copies of particular elements on their own computer systems, provided that the elements copied are not subsequently shared with third parties or installed on a server connected to the Internet or a local network. Notwithstanding the provisions of these Terms of Use, the distribution, modification, assignment, public communication, copying or any other act involving all or part of the information published on the Website is prohibited without the prior authorisation of CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A. Users must use the content and information provided on the Website conscientiously, correctly and lawfully; specifically, they may only use it for personal and non-commercial purposes and provided they do not remove or modify the content or any mention of sources, copyright and other details identifying the rights of CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A or third parties (in other words, they must respect the content’s original form). Any reproduction, copying, distribution or publication of any of the content or information published on the Website without prior written authorisation from CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A is prohibited.

Likewise, users are forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, republish, upload files, e-mail, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the Website’s content for public or commercial purposes without express written authorisation from CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A, or where applicable the holder of the corresponding rights.

Users therefore recognise that the reproduction, distribution, sale, transformation and, in general, any other form of use (via any means) of all or part of the Website’s content constitutes an infringement of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the Website’s owner or the holder of the rights.


CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users under any of the following circumstances:

a) Due to non-compliance with any of the General Terms and Conditions set out in this document.

b) Due to violation of the law, public order or decency.

The exclusion of a user does not imply that CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A has waived its right to take the corresponding legal actions or demand the compensation it may be entitled to by law.


CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continued operation of the Website, or of the products or services made available to the user; consequently, it cannot be held liable for any damages that may be caused by lack of reliability, availability or continued operation on the part of the Website or its services, even though it will endeavour to provide technical assistance, to the best of its ability, to the user affected.

As stated above, CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A does not guarantee the permanent availability of and access to the Website or the services it offer; therefore, it is specifically exempted from any liability for deficiencies in the service that may be attributed to the server centre or connection networks, and any liability for damage that may be caused by any computer viruses or malicious software.

CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A is not obliged to monitor, and does not carry out any prior monitoring of, approve or take ownership of, the services, content, data, files, products or any other type of material that may be found on the websites of third parties. Consequently, CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A cannot be held liable under any circumstances for the legality or otherwise of the content of third-party websites, and the third parties in question shall be exclusively liable for, but not limited to, the following: respect for the law, decency, proper conduct and public order with regard to the content, and to ensure that said content does not infringe the rights of any other third parties.

CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A is not obliged to monitor and does not monitor or guarantee the reliability, availability or continued operation of the products and services that are made available to the user by third parties located outside of the Website; consequently, it is exempt from any liability for damages of any kind that may be caused by lack of reliability, availability or continued operation on the part of the website or services in question. The user shall be held liable for any damages that may be caused to CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A as a result of the user’s non-compliance with the law or any of these General Terms and Conditions.


CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A reserves the right to modify the Website in any way that it considers appropriate, without prior notice and at any time; to which end, it may change, remove or add to the content and services provided or change the way in which they are presented, their location on the Website, and any other significant aspects, as well as make changes to the technical and operational conditions of the Website and those that govern the use of its services.

As the ultimate aim of CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A is to improve its services and offer optimal levels of quality, users can suggest any modifications that they feel may be useful by writing to the Website’s managers at


Should the Website contains links to other sites or locations on the Internet, CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A shall not exercise any form of control over these locations or their content. Under no circumstances may CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A be held liable in any way for the content of any links that belong to a third-party website, and nor shall it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, scope, truthfulness, validity or constitutionality of any material or information contained on said links or elsewhere on the Internet. Likewise, the inclusion of such links shall not imply any form of association, merger or shareholding in the organisations to which the links pertain. Notwithstanding the above, some links may be subject to prior arrangements or agreements with the owner of the linked content, for the purposes of generating some form of compensation for actions freely carried out by the user. This circumstance shall in no way affect the disclaimer of liability for the linked content or the independence of this form of communication.

Users or third parties who wish to create a link to the Website must ensure that the link only enables access to the Website’s pages or services and does not perform any other actions, including (but not limited to) content reproduction, deep linking and scraping. Nor may it make any inaccurate or incorrect statements regarding the Website’s content or pages. With the exception of the characters that form part of the link, users must ensure that the website on which the link is placed does not contain any branding, trading names, business signs, company names, logos, slogans or any other distinctive marks owned by CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A.


CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A considers the privacy of its users’ data to be essential. Therefore, it has created a Privacy Policy based on the data protection principles established by the European Union.

We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy carefully, as it explains how and why we will process your personal data.


If any of the stipulations in these Terms of Use is declared void or ineffective, the rest of the stipulations will remain in force as described herein. CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A undertakes to replace any annulled stipulations in a way that remains as close as possible to the original aims of the parties.


CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A may modify these General Terms and Conditions at any time. Any modifications shall be considered duly published when they appear here. The validity of the General Terms and Conditions is tied to their publication, and they will remain valid until they are duly modified by means of the publication of updated General Terms and Conditions.


These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Principality of Andorra. With regard to the validity, enforcement, compliance or resolution of any disputes that may arise, CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A and the user agree to expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may apply and to subject themselves to the competence of the Courts of the Principality of Andorra. This document constitutes the complete and entire agreement between CA VIDA ASSEGURANCES, S.A and the user, and replaces all prior accords, commitments, declarations and agreements, both written and verbal, that may have previously existed between the parties.